Pretty, pretty Mac

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Black Lab

I recently upgraded from a PC to a Mac. And I’m still getting familiar with the mac lifestyle – the software, the fan sites etc. Recently, I stumbled upon this software called Desktoptopia – a wallpaper changing software. I’ve seen a few like this and even tried one out (Webshots), but I never thought any of these would actually be worth anything. I mean seriously, who would pay $$ for hi-res waterfalls and half nude models? But once I installed this, I was sold. Outside of the fact that it can automatically change your desktop however often you like it to , it uses actual art and photography from independent artists. And this art isn’t like the routine beaches and nudies, it’s actually stuff that I would’ve actually considered buying to put up in my room (maybe they’ll sell their wallpapers as real framed art?). It’s like that tee shirt that you just try on for fun, but when you check yourself out in the mirror, you know it makes you look like you’re super hot. And maybe this won’t get you laid, but it sure as hell will spice up the conversation!

The snag, though, is that it’s free only for 10 days. And then it’s $20. And this is where the “bechara” part kicks in. Is it really worth $20 to have free high-res good artwork on your desktop? If I would’ve been faced with this a year ago, I probably would’ve said no. It’s a computer, and I can make do with free stuff. But then, I would probably pay more than $20 to buy a good poster/artwork which I would put up in my room – and I know I spend more time staring at my desktop than at the walls of my apartment. Is this just mental justification or is it really worth it?


The attack of the Cupcakeries

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First there was magnolia – which became all chic because footface (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) promoted it. (I think their cupcakes are too sweet.) Then they broke up and buttercup was formed. Then Billy (who’s having a sex change, so I’ve heard). Then Cupcake factory. Now Magnolia again – on the uws – according to Eater. I like cupcakes, but am so sick of them being all over the place!

Can someone please get more creative and come up with a new dessert fad? Pinkberry was fun, but it’s oh so Spring 2007. Really.

There’s cheesecakes (Veneiros is no longer the shit – the last few times ive been there, I’ve had to eat stale cheesecake – and Juniors is a definite no go). There’s Tiramisu (yet to find a good, cheap tiramisu). There’s Fruity chunky ice cream (I mean the chinatown ice cream factory kind – we could use some more of those uptown). There’s  so much more. Then why so many cupcakeries?!!

And the Banana Pudding at Buttercup kick’s their cupcakes’ ass!

p.s. Dig the makeover – I’d get one myself if I could afford it. But alas, the salary of a grad student is bare….

Summer of set ups.

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Ok, so there were two. Conceptually, I like the idea of it. You know, being gay in India, you’re never exposed to this whole arranged marriage thing where parents try and set you up with random girls. Of course, even if I was straight, I doubt my parents would set me up (they’re not really the arranged marriage type). In anycase, getting back to the story.

So a few weeks ago a post-doc in my lab thought I would be perfect for this upper level grad student in the immunology program, who, she said, looked like “Denzel”. I try not to get my hopes raised with these sorts of things because they’re often over exxagerated. But this guy is a biologist, and I’m partial to biologists (I feel that they can understand me better). In any case, obviously boy didn’t look like Denzel. He was probably a wonderful person, but I was just laughing because of the awkwardness of the situation.

And, more recently, boobsie’s co-worker is trying to set me up with this boy in DC. Come now. really? I couldn’t handle the west village, what am I going to handle DC?! So I’ve agreed to meet this boy now. Under the condition that he’s been informed that I don’t want anything more than friends.

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It’s so hard to not be bitter in new york!!

Quality Men

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Quality guy

So this link on the best of craigslist actually tells guys why men aren’t finding any quality guys. I’ve come to realize this information 4 years after moving to the city.  I think, growing up in a sexually repressed culture like Bombay, I expected New York to be like a buffet spread of men. And it is. But then the lonliness kicks in and you yearn for more than just sex. Which is why I’m now looking to expand my social circle and develop hobbies and make real friends. I think that queen in SF really tells it like it is!!

p.s. The image is first picture that came up when I google image searched “quality guys”. Evidently a butch man in a skirt is quality. What is this world coming to? *sigh*


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Falling apart…bit by bit

•August 29, 2007 • 3 Comments

So I’m not really into the stars or anything, but I swear this is probably not the best time for my health. I tested positive for the PPD test – a silly tuberculosis test – which we have to get every year, implying that I have TB. Which is just dandy. Also, I somehow managed to sprain my lower back in the gym on Monday and it took me a good half hour to get out of bed today. I’m walking like I have a lampost up my rear rend and can barely sit down and stand up.

I hope I’m still alive next week!