The attack of the Cupcakeries


First there was magnolia – which became all chic because footface (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) promoted it. (I think their cupcakes are too sweet.) Then they broke up and buttercup was formed. Then Billy (who’s having a sex change, so I’ve heard). Then Cupcake factory. Now Magnolia again – on the uws – according to Eater. I like cupcakes, but am so sick of them being all over the place!

Can someone please get more creative and come up with a new dessert fad? Pinkberry was fun, but it’s oh so Spring 2007. Really.

There’s cheesecakes (Veneiros is no longer the shit – the last few times ive been there, I’ve had to eat stale cheesecake – and Juniors is a definite no go). There’s Tiramisu (yet to find a good, cheap tiramisu). There’s Fruity chunky ice cream (I mean the chinatown ice cream factory kind – we could use some more of those uptown). There’s  so much more. Then why so many cupcakeries?!!

And the Banana Pudding at Buttercup kick’s their cupcakes’ ass!

p.s. Dig the makeover – I’d get one myself if I could afford it. But alas, the salary of a grad student is bare….


~ by becharagrad on September 12, 2007.

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