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I recently upgraded from a PC to a Mac. And I’m still getting familiar with the mac lifestyle – the software, the fan sites etc. Recently, I stumbled upon this software called Desktoptopia – a wallpaper changing software. I’ve seen a few like this and even tried one out (Webshots), but I never thought any of these would actually be worth anything. I mean seriously, who would pay $$ for hi-res waterfalls and half nude models? But once I installed this, I was sold. Outside of the fact that it can automatically change your desktop however often you like it to , it uses actual art and photography from independent artists. And this art isn’t like the routine beaches and nudies, it’s actually stuff that I would’ve actually considered buying to put up in my room (maybe they’ll sell their wallpapers as real framed art?). It’s like that tee shirt that you just try on for fun, but when you check yourself out in the mirror, you know it makes you look like you’re super hot. And maybe this won’t get you laid, but it sure as hell will spice up the conversation!

The snag, though, is that it’s free only for 10 days. And then it’s $20. And this is where the “bechara” part kicks in. Is it really worth $20 to have free high-res good artwork on your desktop? If I would’ve been faced with this a year ago, I probably would’ve said no. It’s a computer, and I can make do with free stuff. But then, I would probably pay more than $20 to buy a good poster/artwork which I would put up in my room – and I know I spend more time staring at my desktop than at the walls of my apartment. Is this just mental justification or is it really worth it?


~ by becharagrad on September 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Pretty, pretty Mac”

  1. this is your dog or what?

  2. Oh this is mental justification for sure……… I mean…….. do you actually stare at your desktop??? You probably browse read and do something…….if you actually do…… i suggest going to the shrink i mean……… man you need a life….

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