Restaurant roundup – 1

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Since the parents are in town, I’ve been eating out more so than usual, and experimenting with new cuisines. We went for an Ethiopian dinner last night at Awash in the east village – which was, as expected, delicious. Today we decided to try the chowhound hyped croissants from patesserie claude in the west village, and they were great. I wouldn’t call them amazing, and they kind of lacked the “shatter” effect that comes with the crispiness of the kind of croissants that I like, but they definitely tasted delicious.  Of course, there was no line at 10am on a Sunday morning (is there ever a line?) so we got to enjoy a nice quiet capuccino and croissant while watching the world go by – which was absolutely delightful.

We had dinner at a local Italian restaurant on the recommendation of a friend, Portofino Grille. A tad bit expensive, but was good on the whole (I’d probably give it a B-). The Branzino (?)   and canollis were disappointing, while the ravioli and profiteroles were good (not spectacular, though) . Relative to what I ate last week at this delicious italian place on 81st or 83rd between park and madison (I know I should be shot for not remembering the name). The carpaccio was divine, as was the panacotta and the tiramisu. I also realized that when someone else is picking up the tab, carpaccio is not the wisest choice when you’re hungry.


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So ever since I’ve discovered this site where I can watch television shows online, I’ve been watching all these shows which I probably would never watch. I saw the 2 part season finale of sex and the city today, and I think I could actually identify with Big and Carrie. (Although, nowadays for the most part I’m very Miranda – I know – how much more gay could I get!).

Anyway, I think I’ve discovered a pattern to my dating – at least based on the last 2 boys I’ve dated. I tell myself it’s not long term, eventually get attached – but keep an arm’s length to avoid getting hurt (it is short term after all), and soon enough the lack of pressure makes me comfortable, so I drop my walls, and before I know it – I actually have feelings for the guy.

Therefore, when I actually ‘break up’, and realize that I haven’t given enough justice or emotion to the person or the relationship, I get hurt, sentimental and regret the way I behaved. So the moral of this whole post, I guess, is that the next time I actually do get involved with someone, I should give it my 100. And I shouldn’t get involved with people whom I know don’t have long term potential.

This all seems so scientific and well thought out, and then suddenly someone random will come and chemistry will happen and ruin this whole hypothesis and I will be left heartbroken – again!

Man, who knew love was so much like research!

Bombay one of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world

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OK. So that makes sense, because Bombay has always been mad expensive, and has had polar economic extremes. The poor are really really poor, and the rich are filthy rich. Now there seems to be a middle class forming, which is kind of adapting to this change. But the real question is, why would you want to live in Bombay, when it costs about the same as say, Seoul or New York?

I grew up there, and I absolutely loved it – but given that I’ve seen other pastures – I don’t think I would want to go back.  The city is becoming a film obsessed traffic jungle, and I feel that intelligent conversations are getting rarer to come by. Also, and even though this is getting better, it’s still annoying to deal with corruption at every corner.

Synthesizing frustration

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I tried to synthesize a compound for one of the assays that I’ve been working on. And it sucks because I think I officially gave up today (we bought it finally). It’s so wierd – it seems like a pretty easy synthesis, coupling a para-nitro aniline and a formylated amino acid. It’s my third attempt doing it, and it’s so disheartening to learn that it doesn’t even show up in the mass spec this time. I tried using a co-catalyst (DMAP) in addition to EDC, and would’ve expected it to work and get at least some product (even though it was a chiral mixture).

I hate giving up, and I know that if I work at it, I would eventually get it – and learn a lot in the process. But failure doesn’t come easy, and because of time pressure (my boss wants me to finish up my rotation project and get started on my thesis) I think I may eventually have to accept that I have failed. *sigh*

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I think the best part about the summer is the free stuff – and with memorial day right around the weekend, the free stuff is about to begin. has a good round up of what’s  going on in the city this weekend, including Fergie playing at 7am for Good Morning America.

Wow. I’d wake up for her. No really.

Things I miss

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– A commute : I know I live here, but I still think living on the upper east side with a one block commute is not really “living”. As much as people bitch about the commute, they don’t realize how much of New York they’re missing when they don’t have one! Seeing the same people day in and day out can get so suffocating sometimes. Plus, I met G on the bus by not having a commute the chances of me meeting anyone on the bus are significantly reduced! Granted, you don’t want one more than 20 mins long – and you don’t want one that requires you to walk 10 miles from your Subway stop – but a little commute (say the Hell’s kitch, Harlem, the lower east side etc.) is definitely healthy.

– A Swimming pool : Oh man, nobody can understand the pain of not having a swimming pool better than me! The exhilarating endorphin high after – I’m so on top of the world when I’m done, the excersise for every muscle in the body, the eye candy, the pump that I get after – I almost look like a supermodel! It’s like lithium for my mood swings man!!

– Dogs : There are so many of them around, and it’s so frustrating that there are none at home. Granted reality kind of prevents me from having one, but you know,  it’d be great to come home to someone who’s happy to see me.

– Family : Same as above

– Real Indian food : No explanation needed.

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